Tuesday 27 of November by Lucy

Yesterday we had literacy first. My literacy teacher is the same asmy home group teacher who is Madi. We had to do our portfolio piece but once you finish you have to do:*reading 
*independent writing
*5/6 Leader ship roles Then we had lunch break and after that was specialist. 3/4 J had science and my science partner is Olivia Emond and we are doing Volcanic Eruptions. Then we had art and Olivia and Tanae are in my group for the mini-movie. Then we had recess and then it was Inqiry.

week 7 by Lucy

This week at literacy, we are publishing our explanation texts. Mine is about, 'why we feel pain'. We are also doing literature circles. for math, we have only done a pre-assessmentin number, because last week we were in measurement and completing our portfolio peace. We have been going to specialists as usual, but what I'm more focused on is the first E.P.S. school science fair next week. In art we are making a mini-movie and in PE we are doing tennis. In music we are making a dancing performance and in Japanese we are learning about different food.   

ART by alveena aka amazing rernie

In Art we had to plan and design a painting , it was called air in space paintings. 
I did a painting of my amazing cat/kitten. She was outside in the wind on a hill with her tail up in the air. I used the air in my painting because I drew white wiggly lines. I remember I finished just in time and our art teacher put the amazing art on the rack so it can dry. We will also get to take it at the end of the year to show our art to our parents.


In PE we are learning about games. We are creating new games that we all can play! In music we are learning about cues. Cues are when someone tells a person to play.
Like in music videos! In art we are learning about media/digital stories.  It's when we make and create stories using the INTERNET! In science we are making our projects for the science fair 
SHH YOU DID NOT HEAR ANYTHING okay. We are having lots of fun,hoped you enjoy!!!  

Wednesday week 6 specialists in 3/4J

First up today was music and we had to improve our performances. My group was dancing to the song 'Shotgun', but because I wasn't here last week when my group made changes, I was basically an extra beat to the song. Next, we had Japanese and we were learning about Japanese food and had to copy down how to ask for the food if your in a Japanese restaurant were the speak Japanese. THAT IS IT!

JRC by amazing April

The JRC have gone waste free and  would like to become a waste free school. We have sent a letter to the council and they are going to give us a compost bin and people are going to come in and help us to become a waste free school. This is how you compost properly. It is also what you should and should not put in your compost ...
Fruit scrapsVegetable scrapsCoffee groundsEggshellsGrass and plant clippingsDry leavesFinely chopped wood and bark chipsShredded newspaperStrawSawdust from untreated woodComposting Tip: Think twice before adding onions and garlic to your homemade compost pile. It is believed that these vegetables repel earthworms, which are a vital part of your garden.What NOT to CompostNot only will these items not work as well in your garden, but they can make your compost smell and attract animals and pests. Avoid these items for a successful compost pile:Anything containing meat, oil, fat, or greaseDiseased plant materialsSawdust or chips from pressure-treated woodDog or c…

Week 7 reflection!! by Aleina


Literacy- In literacy we learned about synthesising. Synthesising is when you use your Prior Knowledge + New Information = Change or confirmation about what we know. Also we read about Robin Hood. We found out that Robin Hood steals from the rich & gives to the poor, also Robin Hood is enemies with the Sheriff of Nottingham & Prince John. In writing we are planning a narrative.

 Math- In math we are learning about chance. Chance is a guess.
*impossible *unlikely *even *possible *likely *certain 
Also we are recording down results of our chance experiments in fractions.