Week 8

Reflection on week 8

3/4 T and 3/4 H have been using THRASS charts to spell words out like wreck or Doorknob.

All 3/4's have been learning about narratives and creating stories of there own. They have seen Alex Miles to give tips on writing a story.

3/4 T and 3/4 H were doing synthesising. So basically, your PK (prior knowledge) + N.I 
(new information) goes BOOM! It combines to become a change or confirmation of your understanding.

All 3/4's have looked into chance and been investigating likely, even or impossible outcomes.

All 3/4's have been doing lots of work on there Goldberg  Machine. if you do not know what a Goldberg Machine. At the bottom there is a video of it.


Week 7 reflection!! by Aleina


Literacy- In literacy we learned about synthesising. Synthesising is when you use your Prior Knowledge + New Information = Change or confirmation about what we know. Also we read about Robin Hood. We found out that Robin Hood steals from the rich & gives to the poor, also Robin Hood is enemies with the Sheriff of Nottingham & Prince John. In writing we are planning a narrative.

 Math- In math we are learning about chance. Chance is a guess.
*impossible *unlikely *even *possible *likely *certain 
Also we are recording down results of our chance experiments in fractions.

The Alex Miles author visit was a great success!!

Today, 3/4 students had the privilege of an author visit from Alex Miles, the writer of the Olive Black series. Alex enthralled our EPS students with some amazing activities to generate ideas for story writing and shared the inspirations behind her career as an author. Will we have any Alex Miles' in the future?

Identifying facts vs opinion.

Alex: In this lesson we had to identify the facts and opinion in a persuasive text.